Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Good luck Pinelle!


Dear pinelle,

Today I want to tell you about a surprise on my blog, entirely dedicated to you! It’s a competition that I decided to organise in collaboration with Janet&Janet… so Pinelle, as I’m sure you already guessed… it’s all about shoes!!!!

The competition raffles off 5 gorgeous pairs of shoes from the new Janet&Janet Spring/Summer collection. To enter all you have to do is click here, you have until the 23rd of April and the winners will be announced a few days after that.

So do you like the idea? I had the opportunity to talk to you about this brand in the past, I think the ankle boots that I often wear add a rock, yet at the same time country spirit to your look. A mix that I love! There are also some really comfortable lovely sandals with integrated wedges!

Here is a brief description of the shoes that you can see below in the photos!

The first one is a pair of country/rock style ankle boots, with an integrated wedge and a maxi buckle. The second, another pair of ankle boots with an integrated wedge but this time in suede with piping in laminated leather.
But let’s move on to the sandals! The third pair is part of the “New Mademoiselle” theme, with a maxi platform, T-bar and adjustable strap. In the same style we have a pair of flat sandals with leather upper, closed back and adjustable chain straps. And finally, the last ones are again a pair of sandals with an integrated wedge, in leather with vintage effect studs.

Below you will find all the photos of the shoes, this way you can get a better look! What do you say… has your pinellona hit the mark???
Click here to enter… go, go, go!!!!!!! Good luck and remember… you have until the 23rd of April 2014!!!!



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