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Grande Fratello 13 Episode 4 Look


Hey Pinelle!!!

I’m a bit late posting this look I know!!! But it’s in perfect sync with the rhythm of Monday’s episode… we were all really late, and in a bit of a panic at times eheheh this however, is the beauty of a live show!

But let’s get back to my outfit from the 4th episode, all black YvesSaintLaurent… no skirt this time… instead TROUSERS!!!! I chose this slightly masculine black trouser suit with a long jacket and I combined it with a soft top with a slightly low neckline. The suit jacket and trousers have some black shiny satin detailing that contrast with the rest of the opaque fabric.

As for the shoes, I chose an all black pair with side cut-outs, again from YSL. The heels were really high, but the platform helped!!! ;)
I finished it off with the gold bracelet that gave it that brilliant pinch of light.

So…. did you expect this look from your Pinella?? Lots of hugs…. see you in the studio!!!

Total Look: Yves Saint Laurent

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