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Grande Fratello 13 Episode 6 Look


This Grande Fratello makes us run a bit Pinelle!!

We were really late all the way through this episode as well!!!! And the funny thing is that we had been at Cinecittà since two in the afternoon!!! 😀

The first thing that I do when I arrive is go up to the authors to check any changes in the running order with them. Being a 24hr live programme changes are made even at the last minute and so they were for this episode too! With the mixed-up running order every advert break is definitely needed to go over or make any changes to the next part!

But after these little backstage insights… let’s get to the look!

This episode we chose a midnight blue maxi dress by Vionnet, it has an opening on the top right side that has that now-you-see-the lace bra, now-you-don’t effect!!! It also has a slit up the side that makes me feel very sexy!!

With this dress I wanted to wear the gold Zanotti sandals that strap around the feet and to complete the look some bright and sparkling jewellery: 5 finger ring and gold ‘leaf’ earrings!!

What do you say pinelle? Do you prefer long or short?

PS: I love getting to meet you before the show, sometimes when we are in a rush I don’t have much time but I always hope you enjoy the experience. For all those that can’t make it to the studio to see me, we have decided to launch a new little initiative! You can find it in the club… I’ll be waiting for your photos!!! <3

Abito: Vionnet
Scarpe: Giuseppe Zanotti
Anelli: Luxury Fashion

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