Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Out and about with Mia!


Hey Pinelle!

Taking advantage of the good weather and sunshine on Saturday, Mia and I chose an outfit for a lovely walk together!

When heading out with children rule number one is always: comfort! You never know what the day will involve, a short calm walk could turn into running after the children like maniacs!!! ahahah

Maybe you already know but even when I decide to put on something comfortable, like a good Pinella, I can’t resist a little touch of fashion! In this “double” look I chose a simple t-shirt with some comfy jeans and a pink shirt that matches my spacious Gherardini bag, ideal for carrying toys around!!! This time, the accessories are almost non-existent… I only took some teal coloured Ray-Bans with me! Finally, the shoes!!

I chose these trainers from Voile Blanche, they’re comfortable and light perfect for a nice walk! The little blue studs and the detail in the laces which goes with my bag and shirt are the cherry on the top and give it that touch of fashion which I told you about!! 😀

Obviously I couldn’t forget Mia’s look! She wanted to wear a little Simonetta handbag to look like her mum, jeans, a simple long sleeved top and some really comfortable Naturino trainers with a side zip which makes life that much easier for everyone! Even if they are high, they are lightly perforated, perfect for spring and for our children on the go!

We’re ready to run like maniacs around the parks of Rome!

Ciaooooooooo Pinelle see you tonight!!!

Jeans: Mother
T-shirt: Joie
Shirt: TopShop
Trainers: Voile Blanche
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: Gherardini
Vintage Belt

Per Mia:
T-shirt: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Bag: Simonetta
Shoes: Naturino

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