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Gli shop di Alessia

Beach, beach, beach!!! (swimwear: part two)



Here I am Pinelle with the second post dedicated to the summer, beach and swimwear!!!

Last time I showed you six bikinis, today I am going to show you eight… I love them all… I don’t even know where to start!
So let’s start with the Happiness animal print bandeau bikini in a tiffany blue, it also has a removable strap that you can use when you like. The second is a bandeau bikini again from Niki B and looks like a starry night sky! The bottoms are Brazilian cut with ties at the side! You can also find it on

But let’s get to the more classic style of the bikini by Andrés Sardá, it doesn’t reveal as much cheek as the other models you see and has slightly high rise bottoms. It’s a beautiful colour, an intense sea green which makes us blondes really stand out!!!
The swimsuit is from Eres and I think it’s very sexy! It’s great because you can also play around with the straps to get different looks. I really like the one-shoulder look that you can see in the photo… and with it being black as well it really emphasises our bodies.
But let’s get back to the bikinis… another 4 to go Pinelle!! Ehehehhe The blue one with the red detailing is from Bernè Mare, the play of colours is really fun, I think it’s perfect for the beach, in true sailor style, and the top part has quite a lot of support for anyone who is heavy on top! Then there’s the blue one from Giales, with a graph check bandeau style top and not too high leg bikini bottoms, but still low rise. Then it’s time for this two-toned black and white bikini by Niki B: stripy black and white top and plain black bottoms! Finally… the multi-coloured frilly bikini from M’ama Non M’ama !!! I really like this one because it makes me happy just looking at it… and because of all those frills, especially on the bottoms, that give it “life”.

So here… I’ve finished Pinelle! 😀

So which one is your favourite? Do you have any bikinis to suggest?


Niki B
Andrés Sardá
Bernè Mare
Niki B
M’ama Non M’ama

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