Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Fifth must-have for summer: flat sandals!


 Here we are at the fifth and final chapter of my must-haves for this summer: low sandals or flip-flops!!!
You know me… comfort is extremely important, especially in everyday life! On TV, I always wear ultra-high heels, but when I get back home, my ballet pumps, trainers and flip-flops await!!!! 🙂
So I have decided to make a short summary of the ones I have loved and worn most in these past months, be it in the city or by the sea.

This year has seen studs on everything… and naturally, I haven’t been able to resist. Lol! You can’t see them here, but I have a pair of leopard print ones and I got the very same pair for Mia!! I know they are generally for wear at the sea, but sometimes I bend the rules slightly and wear them in the city too!

Hugs and kisses Pinelle!!!!!

PS: here, like in my other posts, just click on the photos to find out more details about the looks! 😉



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