Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Trench and Jeans!


Here I am Pinelle!!!
How are you? Happy with the winners of this edition of Isola? I am delighted… as I had been rooting for them all along!! I want to thank you all for following us in such great numbers!

But let’s get back to the blog… and to the outfit I’m going to show you today. It’s quite summery, very simple, on trend and perfect for busy mums, but not only! One afternoon at work I had to dash out to collect Mia from crèche, which is exactly when these snaps were taken!

First, I want to start with this trench… in a biscuit colour, which I fell in love with instantly. It is from TopShop and none of my friends believe it when I tell them, because it looks almost like a designer piece… but it’s a super budget item at last!!
Underneath I wore a cotton sweater in powder blue by American Vintage and a plain pair of skinny jeans, which you’ll definitely have in your wardrobe! On my feet, my ultra comfy Voile Blanche sneakers – modern, colourful and fashionable thanks also to the mix of technical fabrics and leather!
To round it off, the cornflower blue Lucy bag from the new Marks &Angels range, all studs and chains, in which I stuffed a snack for Mia, since she’s always sleepy and starving when she gets out from school!!!
I have to let you into another little secret… every time I leave the house to get the car, I spend 10 minutes looking for it up and down the street because, as usual, I don’t remember where I’ve parked it!!! Tell me it happens to you too… and that it’s normal!!! 😀

Kisses to all!!

Asilo IMG_6823
Asilo IMG_6826
Asilo IMG_6828
Asilo IMG_6800
Asilo IMG_6799
Asilo IMG_6797
Asilo IMG_6848
Asilo IMG_6849
Asilo IMG_6858
Asilo IMG_6859
Asilo IMG_6869
Asilo IMG_6829
Asilo IMG_6832
Asilo IMG_6830
Asilo IMG_6803
Jeans: Rag&Bone
Sweater: American Vintage
Shoes: Voile Blanche
Bag: Marks&Angels
Trench: TopShop
Earring: Barbara Biffoli

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