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Gli shop di Alessia

Swimsuits: more advice for the summer!


Here I am Pinelle… and today we’re going to talk about swimming costumes again!
This is actually the second post we’ve devoted to summer beachwear, but it certainly won’t be the last, since you often ask me for advice… and today I have five to show you! One pieces and bikinis with a hint of sexiness! The funny thing is that I always take these photos late at night or early in the morning, locked in the bathroom in front of the mirror, when everyone in chez Marcuzzi is asleep!!! Sometimes I strike a slightly teenage pose, I know, but the snaps are just a bit of fun and cheer… also because my advice is for women of all ages! The secret is always the same though: tummy in and lots of Instagram filters to look tanned!!! hehehe

So let’s start with the first one! Very fun and colourful, it is the polka-dot and striped bikini by 4Giveness. Classic brazilian low cut bottoms and bandeau-style top, which I must say gives plenty of support!
The second one is by 4Giveness too, with a triangle top, all covered in white daisies and with yellow fluorescent straps! The first is for you sassy pinelle, while the second for you romantic ones! 😀

Let’s move on to an almost all-white costume! This one by Giales has a bandeau-style top supported by two black straps that create a sexy play of contrasts, and a simple pair of bottoms!
Next is another classic, but one that I think is really, really elegant: the bikini by IuIu, in sage green, with removable straps and slightly less minimalist bottoms with two ties that give this lovely solid colour costume a bit of movement!
Last bikini!!! This is in all black by Nude, a very unusual and decidedly intriguing one thanks to the play of bands that become straps on the top and details on the sides of the bottoms… very sexy!

Fifth one… and a one-piece! I love this blue and red two-tone costume by Frida Querida, as it reminds me of 1950s pin-ups. It is strapless, not too high on the leg and leaves the back quite bare, which makes it even nicer… The fantastic part is that it is double face, so you can wear it inside-out! Perfect, I think, for those who prefer a one-piece but don’t like strap marks! Problem solved!
Which one is your fave?? Waiting for the next ones before you decide??
Lots of kisses!!


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