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At Disneyland Paris, the summer is Frozen!


Dear pinelle, as you probably know, I took Mia to Disneyland Paris. I had been there many years ago, when Tommaso was small… and naturally I could not but take my little Princess too. So we organised a nice trip just for us girls together with Ezia and Becky, and of course aunty Claudia!

The first day Mia and Rebecca wanted to go round the whole park dressed as princesses from Frozen, complete with tiaras of course ahahahah!!! I must say they really landed on their feet because it was the very weekend that the Disneyland Paris Frozen Summer was inaugurated! You can just imagine the uncontainable joy and enthusiasm of our little tots when we found ourselves face to face with the marvellous and cute snowman Olaf… Mia couldn’t believe her eyes and kept looking at him and beaming, and as soon as he introduced himself with “Hello everyone. I am Olaf. And I love warm hugs!” they ran up to give him a big, hard hug… too hard even… ahahahaha!!!

We then watched the Frozen themed music event featuring the sisters Anna and Elsa, together with their faithful travel companions. A music and dance show, which made for an unforgettable live Frozen experience. Mia and Rebecca didn’t want to leave the theatre afterwards… again, they couldn’t believe their eyes and sang all the songs from the film at the top of their voices!!! In the end we got up on the stage to take photos with the stars of the show. It was an incredible thrill even for us grown-ups! I cannot describe the look on their faces …. Completely drunk with joy.
But that wasn’t all; besides the show dedicated to this amazing Disney success, inside the park is a market inspired by the atmospheres of Frozen, and all of the characters in the film take part in the “Disney magic parade”, to then round it all off nicely with the night time show Disney Dreams® where all the Disney characters come alive thanks to magical projections on the Castle of Sleeping Beauty. Fireworks, water and light features… total magic!
The great thing about these parks is that they are made especially for children, and in fact for them it’s a non-stop and incredible journey of discovery, and they have a certain power over us crazy adults too!

This is just the first part… in a few days I’ll take you with us to discover the Disney magic parade, and I’ll introduce you to some of the characters we met too! The dream continues!!! 🙂


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