Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Pinelle, the legendary #casamarcuzzi wall is back!!! ahhahha Go on admit it, you missed it right?!!!
I did actually, after two years of taking photos right here in front of it, I felt a tad nostalgic! So since no one was at home, and we could act undisturbed and particularly with some air conditioning… we decided to seize the opportunity!!!! đŸ˜€

The dress you can see was bought in France on the weekend I went to Disneyland Paris with Mia. It’s by Paul and Joe Sisters, is very simple and very chic too. In deep blue with a small, colourful print, it is perfect for a business meeting. In fact, the skirt is not too short and the upper part features a nice neck line and side waist fastening. I simply wore it with a pair of sandals by Laurence Dacade, in brown suede with a high but thick and comfortable heel, and with the bag I showed you before by Valentino. Final touch, Ray-Ban sunglasses with mirror lenses in shades of blue, of course! A hint of romance then with the LOVE necklace by Rossella Catapano!

What do you think??
Lots of kisses and a great weekend to all!!!

IMG_3357-abitino azzurro ok
IMG_3359-abitino azzurro ok
IMG_3358-abitino azzurro ok
abitino azz-IMG_1875
abitino azz-IMG_1887
abitino azz-IMG_1884
abitino azz-IMG_1883

Dress: Paul and Joe Sisters
Necklace: Rossella Catapano
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bag: Valentino
Shoes: Laurence Decade

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