Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Clouds on the horizon


Hello there Pinelle and Pinelli! Have you finished your Christmas decorating? We have, and now I still have a few days hard work ahead for the BB final, but after that we can at long last devote ourselves to this lovely festive family time.

Right, shall we move on to today’s outfit? While we were shooting outside the house, we saw some slightly menacing-looking clouds on the horizon, so we tried to get everything finished before it got worse. I think the photos are not so perfect this time… what do you think, could even they suffer from meteoropathy?? hahaha

We liked the outfit though and so here it is! The piece that really defines it is undoubtedly the short jacket in eco-sheepskin by Manila Grace. It’s soft and warm, and it has a floppy collar which I really adore. Underneath I have a simple black sweater in cashmere with a polo neck by Biarritz 1961.
The jeans are, again, by Manila Grace, and behind the rips are metal studs which make them really unusual. I turned them up slightly at the ankles and wore them with my boots (yep, I know… I’m going to wear them out pretty soon…) by Fiorentini+Baker
The choice of bag is a given, I’d say… the Marks&Angels Mia in ponyskin and black leather, truly perfect with this outfit!
Now I’m off to Cinecittà, the rehearsals for final await.
See you tomorrow guys!!! I’m already so excited eheheh

look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans-01
look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans-06
look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans-07
look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans
look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans-04
look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans-05
look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans-02
look alessia-capo-ecologico-jeans-03

Eco-sheepskin jacketManila Grace
Jeans: Manila Grace
Boots: Fiorentini+Baker
Polo neck: Biarritz 1961
Bag: Marks&Angels
Ring: MVP Creations

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