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Gli shop di Alessia

My best wishes to you…


Dear Pinelle and Pinelli,
Today is 25 December, Christmas day, so…best wishes to all of you!!! Today’s photos are from a few days ago because, as you know, at #casamarcuzzi we celebrate Little Christmas a few days in advance!
This year it was a double celebration; in fact, last week, we celebrated at Francesco’s house, with all of his family, little brother Leone and baby in arrival! The party Paolo and I organised at our place was marked by games and fun for the kids… lots of singing, dancing and pressies just for them: Mia, Tommy, Rebecca and Mattia (Ezia’s children), and Tommy’s brother Lorenzo!

A special Santa Claus, played by Gaia’s dad, Simone’s partner, was there and the kids went wild!!! It was so nice to see the whole Inzaghi family and if you look closely at the photos there is one of all of the men in the clan!
There was also my grandma Mela with us too, at 93 years of age but still young at heart… Then Auntie Franca, my mum’s sister, Micaela, Paolo’s sister, my friends Claudia, Ezia, Robi and Ciucca… The only one missing was my childhood friend Marella!

It was really important for me to bring all our families together at this time, to give our kids happiness, and I’m delighted I could do that.
I’m sending you a big, big hug and wish you all the best… You are all part of my family now too! ❤️❤️❤️

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