Happy New Year to all of you!!!!
Did you celebrate? Have fun? I really hope so! As you may have seen from my posts on IG, we are on holiday with Tommaso and Mia. We returned to the Maldives where Paolo and I had our holiday/honeymoon last year! We are staying at the Four Seasons Resort on Landaa Giraavaru, a special island also because it is a magnificent nature reserve!
So today I’m going to be unconventional once again, and instead of showing you the typical New Year’s Eve champagne toasts and spangles, I’ve decided to show you some photos of 3 lovely turtles and tell you their story.
Yep, because here there is a sanctuary for sick and injured turtles. Each turtle is given a name, and once recovered, is released back into the ocean!
Of course Mia is crazy about the turtle called Elsa ehhehe! But today I’m going to introduce you also to Ossy and Kerry.
We spent hours looking at them and Mia wanted to know their whole story, so we’ll (briefly) tell it to you too!
Both Elsa and Ossy got caught up in drift nets. They were rescued, but Elsa had to have her two front flippers amputated, while Ossy had to have just one. Elsa can now swim normally, can feed by herself and soon, according to the marine biologists, she’ll be able to be released into the ocean again! Ossy hasn’t quite got used to her situation and suffers from floating syndrome. The biologists are thinking of fitting her with a prosthetic and they are looking for a new home for her!
Kerry instead was found floating on the water surface, dirty and covered in seaweed. They think she had been there for some time, and that she too had got tangled in a drift net. Sadly, she is missing a hind flipper, but will soon be able to return to the ocean!

Just a few days ago we were lucky enough to witness the release of a rehabilitated turtle! It is a new start, like a new life… and that is why I wanted to kick off this new year with their lovely story. Today is a great new beginning for all of us!
Elsa, Kerry, Ossy, Mia and I send you best wishes for the new year from this natural paradise where nature is respected and conserved in all of its many forms!
PS: the last photo is my happiness for you and for the new year!!! <3



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