Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

A real tomboy look


post moncler

Good morning Pinelle,

Today’s post is entirely dedicated to my husband, Paolo… hahhahah!

After stealing his t-shirts and shirts, I started stealing his jackets too… I truly love this Moncler down jacket, and it fits perfectly with this tomboy look!

Under the jacket, my greenfinch turtleneck by Ele Collection, a nice and comfortable pair of jeans and my beloved Fiorentini Baker boots.

Last but not least, I obviously decided to wear my “Paolo” bag by Marks&Angels that you’ve already seen in beige and dark grey. And you? Do you steal anything from your boyfriends / husbands? Hahaha… a kiss!

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Down Jacket: Moncler
Turtleneck: Ele Collection
Bag: Marks&Angels

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