Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Cooking and spare time, my passions…


As you know Pinelli, there are things in life that are essential to me: family, caring for the people we love and spare time. It is important to find some time just for ourselves, without missing special moments with the people we love. In these pics you can see me dealing with a special oven, and I had so much fun preparing the dinner without renouncing to a tasty plate, full of aromas and made with natural ingredients… as I would make it.

I decided to prepare a dish that I love, risotto with saffron that usually needs a very long preparation time, and because of this, I cook it rarely. I tried the new Cucina Barilla oven. The ones you can see in the pictures are not precooked or ready foods but natural ingredients cooked in a very healthy way, and you know how much I love our traditional cuisine. Three simple steps and it’s done. I poured the ingredients in the container, then I put the kit near the oven that recognized the code, and the cooking process started. Just a few minutes and the risotto was ready. I assure you Pinelli, an incredible taste and a perfect dish.

Then to amaze my family, I decided to prepare also a dessert, and what’s better than a chocolate cake? Perfect for everyone… I took my kit for the cake, with flour and yeast and the preparation started. The mixture was ready and with just a few simple gestures everything was perfect. The intense perfume of chocolate and cocoa literally got me…and then the final touch…some icing sugar on top that made everything perfect. It was a fantastic dinner, everyone was very satisfied and I got a lot of compliments and we also had some cake left that we ate on the next during a wonderful break all together…

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