Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

A special photo shoot…


Happy Monday Pinelle, the pics you can see today were taken by Raffo in the corner of our office, the one we usually use as a photo shoot. At one point, I felt like I was alone in front of the camera… I decided to lay down on the armchair and I decided to surrender to the beauty and comfort of this dress by Uel Camilo. Maybe you still don’t know him, but he is an emerging Brazilian stylist, a young designer that makes very sensual dresses. A mix of colors, transparencies and a soft fabric that literally glides on your skin. I decided not to wear shoes, because this dress is feminine enough, and I was dreaming about when could I wear it, maybe during a romantic night…

See you tonight with the new episode of Isola…kisses 🙂

abitorighe_set1 abitorighe_set2 abitorighe_set3 abitorighe_set4 abitorighe_set5


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