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Spring/Summer 2016: Yellow & Flower mood


giallo floreale

Dear Pinelle, are you ready for this weekend of the First of May? Unfortunately, there won’t be a nice weather, for warm days we still have to wait…. But let’s not get caught unprepared, and let’s start preparing our wardrobe for this spring / summer 2016.

Even this year, yellow keeps being a trend…Yellow mood 😉 in fact, among the tonalities that are “in”, there are surely pastel colors and a different gradation of yellow, the Buttercup. A warm variation that recalls the sun during summer. And wishing for warmer days to come soon, let’s submerge ourselves in my yellow looks


And another trend that I love is coming back this year, along with pastel colors and yellow.  We are talking about floral fantasies. Flower Power!!! What’s your favorite trend so far? Let’s be ready for the upcoming days…Hopefully the sun will shine again!

Meanwhile, have a nice weekend Pinelle and enjoy this Frist of May!

yellow&flower1giallo floreale

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