Dear Pinelle, my app  “La Pinella City” is now full of creativity! You can now discover all the advices and passion that I cultivated during my trips. I want to share my “travel mood” with all of you, it was such a strong feeling, that from today on all the cities will be for free, even the new Berlin guide. An amazing city, a metropole that never tops, full of attractions and fun places, an explosive mix of ideas, creativity and lifestyles!

Berlino - La PInella City

A lively city that fills me with enthusiasm! Just walk around the neighborhoods and be inspired by an underground atmosphere, a bit enigmatic and melancholic…as you probably already know, for almost 30 years Berlin was divided by a wall and this double soul is still visible, from the architecture of the buildings and the faces of the people…truly fascinating!

The German capital has become a European destination for artists and intellectuals…many young people go there to study or work. It’s so full of things to do, impossible not to be attracted by it! So if haven’t been there yet, grab the first ticket and go!

What you must see? Well, first of all, you need to know that Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris! So be ready with a pair of comfy shoes, you’ll have to walk! ?
if you’ve never been there and you like art, then you’re in paradise…there is an infinite list of monuments and museums of any kind and for any taste! On my app La Pinella City, in the section ART & CULTURE, you’ll find many suggestions and places to visit!
You already know how much I like to share with you my emotions and the atmosphere I breathe during my travelling…especially looking for unknown places!

One of the districts that I love the most is Mitte, the city center! Here you can live the modern Berlin, but also the old one…museums, art galleries, theatres, pubs, restaurants, ateliers, design labs…The lively atmosphere is extraordinary! If you feel like doing some alternative shopping, go to Upcycling-deluxe, a small shop that is an explosion of creative and recycled ideas! Coffee bags converted into hats, old cutleries transformed into rings or bracelets, vinyl into lamps… perfect place for creative ideas!

Berlino - La PInella City

Art literally conquered the streets and walls of Berlin…impossible walking without being fascinated by the East Side Gallery, where the rests of the wall are a giant open air gallery!

Berlino - La PInella City

Cross the Oberbaumbrücke bridge, and you’ll find yourselves in Kreuzberg, and you’ll go back to the 70’s! this was the heart of the punk rock and underground movement. Today is a multicultural neighborhood… You can walk among stands of the Turkish market and taste some special treats, or Asian cuisine. I love Dudu, a vietnameese restaurant that prepares delicious sushi and fusion dishes!
Berlino - La PInella City

If you love electronic music, then you have to go to Berghain/Panorama Bar, an old power station that has become the number one club for this music genre! Prepare yourself to see the sunset! So Pinelle, Berlin is a city that you can’t miss, full of emotions and unmissable places! What are you waiting for? Go on my app (here for iOS and here for Android) and start planning your tour! 🙂


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