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In London with kids: my tour with Mia


Londra con i bambini

Dear Pinelle,

I decided to have a short vacation in my beloved London with Paolo and Mia. We had so much fun! A city full of museums, exhibitions, and in the summer there’s a lot to do for the little ones too. Mia couldn’t stop, she was super excited!?

The best way to see monuments, squares and museums is surely the 2 floors bus, a classic tour around the city!

And when it is very hot outside, the Diana’s Memorial Fountain, in the middle of Hyde Park. A fountain built in loving memory of Princess Diana and her love for kids. It’s amazing, and adults will have a lot of fun too running in the water! The Diana Memorial Playground, in Kensington Gardens, is a safe and clean play area. There’s the sand in the middle and a pirate galleon that looks like Captain Hook’s one and many slides!

And for the little travelers, next to King’s road there is St Luke’s Garden is the place where they can really get a lot of fun. Be sure to have a scooter that they can go around with…

Luckily Mia had hers, otherwise I would have had to carry her on my shoulders ?

And if it is raining outside…the Museum of History and the Natural History Museum are perfect, with interactive games, learning areas and every kid’s dream… a life-size dinosaur! But if your kids love the sea, then go to the Sea Life London Aquarium. Sharks, giant turtles, jellyfishes… amazing!

But London is the city where anything can happen…even dancing in Regent Street, that becomes full of pedestrians dancing and invaded by music. Mia and I dance everywhere! ??

Londra con i bambiniLondra con i bambiniLondra con i bambiniLondra con i bambiniLondra con i bambiniLondra con i bambiniLondra con i bambiniLondra con i bambiniLondra con i bambini
Londra con i bambini

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