Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Dear Pinelle,

before Tuesday’s Isola dei Famosi episode and after singing in the car (as always) with some members of my A-team, I decided to relax for a while on the terrace of my Le Robinie studios.

Before rehearsal, we took some pictures of my new Claudia Marksandangels yellow purse, with the help of Michele: the purse is part of the new 2017 spring – summer collection and I love it, because yellow has always been one of my favourite colours.
The look that I will wear during the show is always very comfortable, and it usually consists in one of my favourite mom jeans, shirt and belt… Did you notice how my Claudia purse shines all over my look?

I wish you a very sunny weekend! A kiss


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  1. Schermin

    Dove posso trovare la pinella gialla scrivo dal Ticino Svizzera

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