Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Rome’s new Rinascente!


Dear Pinelle,

Last week I had the great privilege of going to the new Rinascente in Via Del Tritone in Rome, a closed-door visit before the official opening to the public. The new Flagship Store is wonderful and unique, and thanks to Rinascente’s AD Pierluigi Cocchini, I was able to understand how much work and love lie behind the idea of revitalizing Rome with such a Store, a fantastic 900s building independently set inside the Department Store.

It took 11 years to literally “pull up” the eight floors that are now available for the visitors to enjoy, with the majesty of a scenic design cured in all the details; 11 years of work to realize this “building inside the building” that is situated right in the heart of the Capital, a few steps away from the historic Piazza di Spagna square and Trevi Fountain. Speaking of history, in the Exhibition Area on floor 1, you will be able to admire tha archaeological site of the roman Virgin aqueduct, built between 25 and 19 b.c, discovered during the workings.

I literally fell in love with the new Rinascente because inside this majestic Flagship Store you can find not only more than 800 different fashion brands, but also beauty, design and food from all over the world: in fact, its Food Hall comprehends a food market, four restaurants and two wonderful rooftop with an amazing view!!

As soon as I entered the building, a thrill ran through my body, and I was left without words; I was very proud to see that all this was happening right in my city, in Rome.

If you are thinking about going or have already visited the new Rinascente, please let me know your impressions!

Have a nice weekend, my Pinelle.



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