Geox for Valemour

Geox for Valemour

Dear pinelle,

Today I want to show you a special look… dedicated to an equally special project!

The project is called “Geox for Valemour“, it gives birth to something unique… in fact it creates job opportunities for people with intellectual disability through the creation of a limited edition fashion collection.
Through this project 40 young people with intellectual disability have been given the opportunity to learn a trade and to experience a real job.

This is a concrete opportunity for integration, which resulted in a real collection, capable of realising a dream of normality, independence and equal opportunities.

The youths collaborated to the creation of a line of trainers (women’s, men’s, children’s), a women’s bag and scarves, painting each canvas entirely by hand… making every piece unique!

I leave you with the photos where you can see the shoes and the scarf that are part of the “Geox for Valemour” collection! I think they are lovely, fashionable and colourful!!!!! Actually I instantly fell in love with them!
It’s a comfortable outfit which I created starting from the shoes which I then combined with my dark skinny jeans, jacket and back pack!

Click here to find all the necessary info and follow these incredible young people in their production process! : )


Shoes and scarf: Geox
Vest and jacket: American Vintage
Jeans: Gas
Backpack: Nothing to Lose



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