Autumn afternoons in Rome!

Autumn afternoons in Rome!

Ciao Pinelle,
A few days ago I was walking along the streets of Rome quite near my home. I had some errands to run, but I decided to kill some time between one job and another by sitting on a wall to read a few pages of my book.  And I felt great: the Roman autumn is treating us to sunny days and mild temperatures.

In the afternoon I met Claudia and Raffaele, a talented photographer who took the photos you can see on today’s post!
He clearly tricked me because he began taking snaps before I even realised he was there. But I think they’re all really nice and so here they are! Now I’m going to tell you about my look!

You know me well by now; you know I love comfort, yet I always try to add a touch of femininity and glamour which, I think, makes my style distinctive.
So I chose these comfortable-fit black pants by Cycle, with turn-ups at the ankle, and a Shop Art sweatshirt with a very “pop” print: white with black hearts and an explosion of colours in the middle that reminds me of legendary comics! On my feet I’m wearing masculine black shoes with two-tone soles by Voile Blanche, a real tribute to London style… and, to further highlight this trend, I added some ankle socks from Top Shop, ideal for this outfit!

Mirror sunglasses and a rock’n’roll Marks&Angels backpack on my shoulder to top it all off! What do you think?



 SweatshirtShop Art
Pants: Cycle
Shoes: Voile Blanche
Backpack: Marks&Angels
Sunglasses: Spektre
Socks: Top Shop

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