Send a kiss…

Send a kiss…

Pinelle and pinelle, today we’re going to talk about KISSES!
It’s going to be a summer full of emotions and declarations… I can feel it! 🙂 Sure, because the world’s most kissed object, namely Coca Cola, is bringing back personalised bottles to guarantee you lots of fun throughout this (hopefully) long, hot   summer!
You decide who to send a kiss to, or who to be kissed by, or you can make some real statements with messages such as “My Princess”, “My Prince Charming”, “A Special Person” etc…
to the people you love, your family, or a friend. What counts is that you share all of your happiness with whoever you choose!
Perhaps you guys should give me the bottle with “Mrs Selfie”…. ahahhaha what do you think??

Well, today anyway, your fave Pinella together with Coca Cola sends a big kiss to all the Pinelle and Pinelli… and you? Who would you send a kiss to today? I’m curious to know!!!
Come on!


Jeans: TopShop
Camicia: TopShop
Scarpe Charline de Luca


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