Jamais sans rouge à lèvres

Jamais sans rouge à lèvres

Happy Monday Pinelle and Pinelli!!!
Since lots of you liked the top I wore in Friday’s post with my little Pinellas, I thought it might be a good idea to include it in an outfit, and so here I am!

Today’s look is very casual, but it reveals one of the real trends for this fall/winter: classic striped TARTAN. Yes, I know… it’s never really gone out of fashion these past few years, but if you take a peek on the online stores, or at shop windows, I’m sure you’ll see lots of garments in this pattern, maybe even in different colours.

So I picked this maxi cardigan by Versus, with red and black stripes, using it like it was a jacket, also because the time has now come to put on a few extra layers… even in Rome! Underneath I’m wearing a tank by Faubourg 54 with a red print, and then a pair of comfortable jeans by Manila Grace with turn-ups at the ankle. On my feet the new All Stars New Chuck, which after a staggering 98 years presents this classic piece of fashion with a new look! And to round it off, a Valentino shoulder bag rented from Borse in Affitto! 🙂

So what do you think? Hugs and kisses everyone!!!

Jeans: Manila Grace
Tank: Faubourg 54
Cardigan: Versus
Shoes: Converse New Chuck
Bag: Valentino


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