Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Wanted: pair of (really) comfy pumps


Dear Pinelle, today I wanted to tell you about a brand that I got to know about in some way thanks to my daughter… that’s right, she’s only little yet she’s already giving me a heads up in fashion matters.

Let me explain: I often buy Naturino shoes – the mums out there will definitely know this brand. These shoes are made especially for kids and ensure that the sole of their foot is placed firmly on the ground when they take their first steps. What I didn’t know is that the same company also makes really comfy, fabulous shoes for us adults!!!

The brand is called Voile Blanche and today out of curiosity I put on a pair of stripy pumps I bought a few days ago (here is a close up). I teamed them with a sporty look, comfortable especially when you have to walk a bit. Yep, because these pumps, thanks to their ultra flexible sole, are absolutely heaven for your feet, you feel like you’re flying… and yet they still have that fashion look that we love so much! I thought I would tell you about them because lots of you write to me saying that you can’t get on with pumps as they are too flat and do not offer any support to help us walk properly… well, these do!!!  What’s more, Voile Blanche also makes shoes for Pinelli… a must try also for him!

Today’s jeans are by Cycle, light and comfy, with a Tee by London Ink (featuring my beloved Debbie Harry from Blondie), jacket and bag from Topshop (as usual!), red Ray-Ban sunglasses, May mOma bracelet (a wonderful combination of silk, crystals and cotton) and off we go! Ready for a walk in the sun – and about time too! Has spring arrived around your way yet?



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