Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Let me show you my new collection of Marks&Angels bags!


Dear Pinelle, today I am really happy and excited because my new collection of Marks&Angels bags has finally come out! 🙂

Those who do my job at times just lend their face or their name to a line being created, whereas I personally produced this capsule of bags, together with my friend and now partner Laura Angelilli (founder of the brand L’Aura, which you have known for a long time now).

I met Laura by chance in Paris (I was there for the Stella McCartney runway show, remember?), I complimented her on her little shoulder bag and quite unprompted I gave her a few suggestions for details I would like to find in a bag. We stayed in contact and started to think we could create a new line, all ours, that matched my taste with her experience in the sector.

We were inspired by London girls, always so one of a kind with no fear of daring or what other people might think. We decided to use fine leathers with camouflage and animal prints, ranging from denim fabrics to eco-friendly materials with multi-colour python prints and vintage canvas with stud details to finish. The colours chosen for this capsule have been thought up for a dynamic woman and go from the sharpest summer colours (yellow, blue, green, aquamarine) to shades borrowed from the earth and unspoilt natural landscapes. All naturally made in Italy (I held great store by them being made here in Italy!!!).

If you go to our website and click on the STORE icon, you will find a list of all the shops selling the bags in Italy. We are also on Facebook and  Twitter.

I really hope you like them… their prices are not so high and I think their quality is really good. Let me know! Love and kisses.

(P.S. For those Pinelle wanting to know where the name Marks&Angels comes from, here you go: take the surnames Marcuzzi and Angelilli, abbreviate them and give them an international twist, inspired by London and… there you are! 🙂 )



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