Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

H&M costumes – a sneak peek just for you!!!


On 2 May, dear Pinelle, the new line of  H&M costumes comes out and I was lucky enough to try them on so I could give you a sneak peek preview!! 😀

The ones I chose were obviously just some of the models you will find in H&M stores, the ones I liked the most, so I had fun in some sexy poses for you! 🙂
Bear in mind that I took the photos with Instagram because I am way too white (I look like a walking mozzarella!) and so that you can get an idea of just how pale I am, I left one at the end with no filter. I said at the start of this blog that I will not retouch my photos and I’m keeping my word (apart from the fact that I really don’t know how you can use Photoshop with a mobile), I want Pinella to be 100 per cent natural!

Girls, these costumes are truly fabulous, I tried a good assortment – bandeau, triangle and balcony styles – they are made from an incredible fabric that supports your bust even if you are not particularly toned. After my last pregnancy I have in fact noticed a free fall effect (let’s call it that hahahaha) and in cases like this a fabric that really holds you up is absolutely fundamental.
Something else I liked is that the bottoms are the right size around the back, neither too Bridget Jones’ knickers nor dental floss, so perfect I’d say! Finally and perhaps most importantly are the really low prices!

If you like, from Thursday take a trip to H&M for your first BIKINI TEST for summer 2013, or take a look at the advertising campaign with Beyoncé… now there’s someone with a glorious figure!!! Let me know if you like the costumes. Love and kisses!

P.S. If you notice that I always hold my legs slightly sideways it’s because, as you know, they are completely crooked… I even tried holding them together to make them look straighter, but that didn’t work either!!!


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