Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

It’s time for holidays (and for pampering ourselves!)


Ciao Pinelle and Pinelli!!

Summer is in full swing, and with all this sun and heat it is really important to protect ourselves and look after our skin, body and hair. And to help us do just that is Sugarbox, which needs no introduction, as I have been talking about it very often of late. Inside this month’s “box of delights” I’ve found lots of useful little things for pampering myself and feeling tip top, and I want to tell you about them in this post, hoping I can give you some good advice if you’re still undecided about what new products to try (there are so many and I often find myself completely at a loss, never knowing what to choose!).

When it comes to care and protection of our skin, especially our face, Sugarbox offers the sun cream Rilastil Sun System SPF 50+, free from parabens and colourings, effective and safe for the fair-skinned like me or for prolonged exposure to the sun. Remember that finding the right protective cream is essential in the summer, so take the time to seek out the product most suited to your needs… in the meantime I recommend this sun cream.

And we mustn’t forget our hair, which we can protect with Nashi Argan, instant, easy-to-use products and packed with natural ingredients such as organic Argan and linseed oil. I don’t need to tell you just how good linseed and Argan oil are for our tresses stressed by the sun, sea water and swimming pool chlorine, etc. The Nashi I got with Sugarbox contains practical Shampoo and Conditioner to delicately clean your hair, nourish and untangle it. For styling there’s the amazing Argan Oil, a veritable beauty elixir that repairs, nourishes and brightens your hair in one go.
 Here’s a little snippet of information I discovered and want to share with you: the cooperative that produces the Argan oil used in the Nashi Argan range is in the province of Essaouira, in South Morocco, and was established to help women in difficulty (in fact for many of them it is not just an important source of income but also a centre of education and support).

For that perfect, flawless look, a bit of make-up is surely a must. This month I received two products by Helan, a brand from Genoa which I have already tried out and like because it combines nature and research to produce natural cosmetics that are perfect for this season. To accentuate your gaze I found a Helan duo eye pencil and a handy mascara for long luscious lashes at any time of the day, suitable even for the most sensitive eyes.

So girls, what have you got? What are you taking with you on holidays? Speaking of holidays… have you seen that in August you can choose when you get your Sugarbox? You can leave with box in hand or find it waiting for you when you get home, which is exactly what I’ll be doing! Here are all the details.

Enjoy your hols everyone!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Azzurra

    Ciao Ale!! 🙂 Complimenti per il blog, lo leggo da un po’ e mi son sempre chiesta come mai ti e ci chiami Pinelle! Ho sempre avuto in mente di chiedertelo e non ci sono mai riuscita, ho un bimbo di 5 mesi che mi ciuccia tutte le energie hihihihhihiihhihi
    Grazie in antcipo 😉 ciaooooooooo

    1. Avatar photo

      Mi chiamo Pinella, per il Burraco!!!!! E voi pinelle di conseguenza….ciaooooooooooo

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