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An idea for the mid-August public holiday: white dress and barefoot!!!


Dear Pinelle, today’s post is for those of you who have no idea what to wear for an outdoor party on the evening of the mid-August public holiday. I’d like to help you out with a few useful hints, and I immediately thought of this gorgeous broderie anglaise dress by Temptation Positano.

I wore it when I was in the middle of the countryside in Piedmont (I was recording “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, as you know): I kicked my shoes off in the park during a break and took these photos for you. I think this kind of dress is perfect for an August holiday beach party, or even for the countryside, as you can see from the photos! Unless you’re on the sand, I recommend you wear sandals, as I ventured onto the grass in my bare tootsies and think I was stung by some kind of insect. đŸ™‚ I also donned a straw hat, since the sun was scorching and I didn’t want sunstroke!!!
Let me add this thought that I had while looking at these pictures: what if this dress was your wedding dress? Of course it’s a little too much sporty compared to the standard white wedding dresses… but I think it’s so hippy-chic and this is what I love the most about it!!!!

My dear Pinelle, do tell me where you’ll be for the mid-August holiday and what kind of party awaits you. Lots of love and kisses as always!!!

White dress: Temptation Positano
Hat: Airoldi

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  1. federica

    Even if the main subject of this post was the dress, and the beautiful idea you had, let me tell you that your english is perfect!! đŸ˜‰
    Brava Alessia, sempre piĂ¹ tua fan

  2. alessia

    Ciao , l’ho sempre saputo che in Piemonte ti saresti trovata benissimo …. allora quand’è che mi vieni a trovare ? Sei la benvenuta tu e la tua famiglia . Siamo una famiglia modesta , ma ti assicura simpatica e ispotale ( e poi sai che scorpacciata di Acqua Lauretana … hihihihihihihihahahahahaah).
    Il vestito è stupendo !!!!
    baci ciao
    a presto

    1. Avatar photo

      Grazie dell’invito ale, appena saro’ di nuovo da quelle parti ti faccio un fischio!!!!! Baciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. rosaria

    sei bellissima come sempre ^_^

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