Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Late summer Sugarbox


Welcome back Pinelle and Pinelli!

The hols are over for all of us now… and what better surprise than a package to sweeten up the bitter back-to-work blues?
As I mentioned last month, the Sugarbox Team had given the option of receiving the box at the beginning or the end of the month, and I decided to receive it at the end of August. I think this option was really spot-on, as it let everyone decide when was the best time to get it… before or after the hols!

It is almost a year now since I signed up for their service and I’ve told you several times how much I like their box, which introduces new products that are above all perfect for those who, like me, are often on the move!
What I did not imagine, though, is that the holiday box could be so lovely. This time, I must say, they have really outdone themselves!!! Even Mia couldn’t resist, and came over to me as I was opening the box, full of curiosity, and like a good little lady started to “play” with the nail polish I was unwrapping! 🙂

On to tell you what I found inside, because I saw that there were different kinds of contents available this month too.
You are by now aware of my passion for nail polish, especially for shades of red (which I use lots!) as they give an instantly neat, groomed appearance! The box contained no fewer than three products by Essie which, for manicure fans, is a really top notch brand!
Let’s start with 3 Way Glaze, a product that acts as a base coat, strengthener and top coat all in one! It makes the polish ultra-shiny and gives long-lasting perfection! I use it lots and lots and must say that it is an excellent and ultra-handy product!
Then, there were two shades of ESSIE PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION nail polish. The first was in lilac, perfect for glamming up hands and feet in summer when we girls like to play around and sport a sassier look.
The second, red, is perfect for all the more “serious” occasions, where perfect hands are a must, and that sensual allure is an added plus. It is a warm red, ideal for the summer months, when I prefer brighter and more vibrant colours for the hands! 🙂

And speaking of sensuality, I found something that is a real vanity delight: it is Trois or Chic – Essenza di Luce by Korff, a product I hadn’t heard of but which is one of those treats that Sugarbox like to spoil us with.
I had already tried out this brand in the Christmas box and was struck by its quality.
This time I found a delicately scented powder that leaves an unusual special light on the skin. It comes with a dispenser reminiscent of perfumes of bygone days and as its name suggests, it gives a touch of chic, capable with just one spray of enveloping us and making us feel like veritable divas! 😀

Lastly, but certainly not least in terms of quality, I found a Couture Cure Make Up lipstick, again by Korff. Another product suitable for everyday wear, since as well as giving your lips a coat of full colour, it’s like a real beauty treatment that takes care of them with a nourishing action, to keep your pout moisturised and youthful! A peek on the Sugarbox website revealed that it comes in 8 shades, what colour did you find in your box?

And what Sugarbox did you girls get? Anyone get the other version of the box? The one containing a Korff eye-liner and eye shadow palette?

Send me your comments and tell me what you think. I for one am very happy indeed this month and feel this box deserves a good 10 out of 10!!

…Ah, Pinelle!!! I’ve just realised that the Essie nail polishes as well as the Korff powder are all free from harmful substances! …WAY TO GO!!! 🙂

Until the next time!!!

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