Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

A walk with Mia


Dear pinelline, I shouldn’t have been taking photos today, but… while I was going out for a walk with Mia, I bumped into Claudia right outside the door! The photographer inside her that never was insisted on picturing us outside the house at all costs…!!! 🙂
I wore a sporty look with comfortable sneakers, since I was taking Mia out for a walk to the auditorium.
I want to tell you a bit about my sneakers… they are a style by Voile Blanche (a brand I’ve mentioned to you before), in mustard and grey, which perfectly matched my t-shirt. The little rubber studs on the back make them ultra modern.
The weather is a bit up and down these days and, fearing a downpour at any moment, I decided not to venture out with just a t-shirt, but to take this jacket I bought at my usual, beloved Topshop website. Mia was somewhat wrapped up too, in a nice faux fur gilet… she wanted to copy me having seen my dusty pink look… and a very trendy pair of animal print leggings! ahahahah 🙂

But before setting off on our little outing, we had a glass of water and a freshly squeezed juice at the local café! 🙂

See you soon, pinelle!

Jeans: Mother
Jacket: Rag & Bone
Sweater: 291 Venice
Necklace: Flaminia Barosini
Vintage Belt
Bag: Marks and Angels
Sneakers: Voile Blanche

Clothes: DOUUOD
Shoes: Naturino
Gilet: Le Petit Coco

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  1. CRI

    Ma quanto è alta MIA?
    Il mio Little Boy è nato alle 21.00 del 3 settembre del 2011… poche ore prima di Lei… ma è una “mezza-calzetta” per rimanere in tema fashion!!!
    Ciao e passa a trovarmi!
    Un abbraccio
    Cri VnW

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