Ciao Pinelle and Pinelli!

I must tell you that a few days ago I was at lunch at one of my fave restaurants “da GINA“, right behind my house, in Rome. I went there with my friends Claudia and Francesca… now 9 months pregnant and ready to pop any moment! Having passed the fortieth week, we were all ready to take her to hospital, but being the super active, energetic woman that she is, she wasn’t worried in the slightest! In fact, she drove herself to the restaurant, dressed like a teenager and as cheerful as always despite the nausea she has suffered from the beginning… Absolutely marvellous!!!

And so Claudia decided to picture us at the table, chatting on the bench, and at the counter while I played the role of barista. But most of all, we wanted to show you just how lovely expectant women are and how they can be trendy despite the big bump! 🙂

The latest news, dear Pinelle, arrived Wednesday morning: Francesca has given birth!!! Congratulations to the new mum and welcome to the “little” Rocco, his weight is 3,850 kg for 52 cm of true love!!! <3

Alessia’s look:
Trousers: Cycle
Shoes: Rag-Bone
Jacket: WLG by Giorgio Brato
Necklace: Flaminia Barosini
Glasses: Ray-Ban

Francesca’s look:
You’ll find Francesca’s look soon… obviously I didn’t want to disturb her during this special time to tell me the brands she was wearing!


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    Ciao,ma quel ristorante si trova ai parioli??? sei molto simpatica,se in raggio di sole in questo buio che ci circonda.Ascolta ti vorrei vedere in tv la domenica pomeriggio potresti condurre tranquillamente quelli che il calcio o domenica in al posto di quella tardona della venier come dico sempre con i miei amici W LA MARCUZZI se ti becco per strada ti fermo di sicuro ciao……. 🙂

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    Ciao Alessia, mi piaci molto e mi piacciono i tuoi outfits.. ma la prossima volta scrivi in italiano che è meglio! 🙂

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    Ma gli spaghetti con le vongole ve li siete mangiati????????

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