Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Ciao Pinelle!!!

Remember that inescapable summer craze “Soku Soku“?!? Well… here at casa Pinella the winter fads have arrived!

With Tommaso, the challenge is on… have you seen our video on Instagram? Ahahhaha I beat him Pinelle!!!
However, with Mia we have invented a new “game”: every time I start a sentence… she likes to finish it in her own way. I have so much fun because she is still little and often comes out with some real howlers!!! One thing I love is when I look at her and exclaim “Amore!!!” to which she replies – eyes brimming with tenderness- “Mio!!!” 🙂

So when I saw this gorgeous sweater in the new collection from Aniye By with none other than “Amore Mio” written on it, I figured it was destiny and I had to buy it!!!! I didn’t have to think for even one second… I instantly knew it was the perfect sweater for me and my Snipul! Now, whenever I wear it, she immediately associates the “pattern” with our game and it’s a constant ping-pong of “Amore!”, “Mio!”, “Amore!”, “Mio!” So I just had to show it to you!

Based on the sweater (you can also find the sweatshirt version on the Aniye By website), I have created this look… which is practically all-black, “broken” only by a striped scarf and an aquamarine bracelet. I think it’s the typical look that gives you stacks of style and yet is perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re taking a stroll around town or playing with your kids!

Sweater: Aniye By
Pants: J Brand
Shoes: Superga
Glasses: 4me
Scarf: Joseph
Bracelet: Edef
Bag: Chanel

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