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Gli shop di Alessia

Grandma Mela’s Birthday


Ciao Pinelle and Pinelli,

today I’m particularly thrilled because I’m about to tell you about a really important event for all of my family: the 90th birthday of grandma Carmela, known to her grandchildren (for many years now) as Mela!

Many of you already know her but, for those who are hearing about her for the first time, you should know that my beloved grandma is a true “family head“; she is always there for her three daughters and all of their appendices (husbands, children, grandchildren…)! To me, she is a really important figure, a practical woman, old fashioned yes but very wise. And she always has a smile for everyone… she always tells us… “a smile costs nothing” 🙂

I took the photos you can see below before going out (Mia is there too in her pyjamas…). I was about to go to dinner in a simple black dress… my mum is always happy when I wear skirts (!!!), but then I decided to change and I went for a more unusual look, to make the most of my latest purchase, a gorgeous waistcoat… 😀

We went to dinner to great restaurant in Trastevere, “La Gensola“. I really recommend you try it when you can! It is very nice and the food is very good!!!

The evening was spent celebrating and making toasts with the whole family and close friends. Claudia and Marella, who you know well by now, were there, as was my cousin Valentina, my mum, my aunts and… everyone else who came to celebrate with Mela!!!

We also took the opportunity to celebrate my birthday too, my cousin Valentina’s and aunt Merry’s… all of us born in November!

I hope I have conveyed at least a bit of the joy of this evening and how much we all love each other!!!

Hurrah for families!!!!!! 🙂

Leather leggings: J Brand
Shoes: Cesare Paciotti
Shirt: Equipment
Waistcoat: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent
Bag: Versace
Ring: Mediterraneo

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