Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Animal print look!


Ciao girls!

The creation of today’s outfit derives from one top in particular, in reality it isn’t exactly a complete look… if I were to go out like this I would instantly get the lovely flu!

But let’s get back to us! A few days ago I ended up at Ponte Milvio, from afar I saw Ai-Du’s van, do you remember? I already talked about it in this post…
 In short, I went up to the mobile shopping boutique and I saw this hot animal print top… I decided to get it without knowing what to wear with it or what I would do with it….. but once I arrived at the office the inspiration came to me!

I dug-up these H&M lace shorts out of my wardrobe and then…. I combined them with my rain boots from Havaianas!
You’ll say, but where is she going dressed like that?!? Bare legs in the rain…. only in the movies…

But the photos are cute right? I used a sepia filter on my phone to give them a 70’s feel… kisses for all!!!

Shorts: H&M
Sunglasses: Rédélé
Boots: Havaianas 

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