Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Limited Edition coloured leggings


 Hey Pinelle, yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with Claudia working in our office that, as you know, is quite close to my house.

I dressed “comfortably”, if I want to dress comfortably in the winter I often wear black leggings, but now it’s spring and seeing as I feel like colour and patterns I put on some Freddy leggings, that also hide a little (but amazing) secret!

I’m talking about the leggings with the new WR.UP® technology in fact. With a silicon strip, strategic seams and sartorial details they naturally enhance your womanly shape… especially your booty! They are fantastic and also in limited edition!

On the way back, Claudia took a few shots outside my house because the lighting was so unique and we wanted to see how the photos came out under the “lighting of nightfall”.  

Anyway I wore an American Vintage sweatshirt on top, a brand which I love and discovered whilst in France a few years ago, and some brown Philippe Model trainers. 
And with it, a light coloured (very spacious) summery Janet&Janet bag:)

What do you say Pinelle??

Leggings: Freddy
Top: Stella McCartney
Sweatshirt: American Vintage
Shoes: Philippe Model
Bag: Janet & Janet

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