Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

LaPinella on your phone!!!


Ciao Pinelle!!! This week is full of news for me… and for you too!!!

Yesterday the collection in collaboration with Gaëlle Bonheur, and today a new surprise… LaPinella is now available as a free App on your phone!!!

A little gift from me… to myself and to you, to celebrate the blog’s second birthday. I’m loving this project so much, and that’s mostly down to all of you!! I know, I say it again and again, but I never thought we would achieve so much in so little time!!! So, what’s the best way to celebrate if not with an app that allows us to stay connected forever and always???

The app is available free on iPhone and Android. I really hope you like it! We worked so hard and we are still sorting out a few last minute details… that’s why you might see a few changes once it goes live, your Pinella has been given free rein! Hahaha

As well as all the real time updates to social media and the blog, you’ll also find travel tips, information on my favourite places to eat, the stores I shop in and a musical selection which will be regularly updated with new tunes and the biggest hits!!! In short… I’ll take you with me into my world!

Be sure to let me know if you like the new App!

Big hugs to you all!!


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