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Gli shop di Alessia

Formentera: long live the summer!


Ciao Pinelle!!! Today I am taking you with me to the seaside… and what a beach!!!!

The destination is one that I have often told you about, one of the Italians’ favourite islands: Formentera! I always try to go there between June and the beginning of July, months in which there are less tourists and the island is therefore more peaceful and maybe a little bit more raw. This year Claudia and I decided to go a little after GF finished to recharge ourselves a little… also because as soon as we got back we went straight back to work for the next job of the summer: the Music Summer Festival! Obviously I will keep you guys updated!! 😉

Let’s get to the photos!! The beach you see behind me is one of the beaches that I discovered thanks to Claudia, a true expert on the island and this place in particular: it’s called Mijorn… and the sea is really amazing… it leaves me speechless every time!!

The look I am showing you today is adapted for the beach and also for a few drinks at the chiringuiti (beach bars) to enjoy the sunset! ;)
With a few pieces I included all my favourite things of these past few months: multi-coloured patterns, leopard print, a hat and sunglasses!
The more aware of you will have noticed that underneath the white Stella McCartney vest top I’m wearing the Niki B bikini with stars on it that I already showed you!! The shorts are the ones from my Capsule Collection with Gaëlle Bonheur, the leopard print flip flops in the slim version are from Havaianas! Hat from Airoldi to keep my head covered during the hottest part of the day and some Ray-Ban sunglasses with dark lenses to protect the eyes!

Beach towel on the shoulder and let’s go!

These past few days both Claudia and I have been feeling quite nostalgic for the island… but luckily even here the sun has come back!!!

Kisses Pinelle!!


Vest top: Stella McCartney
Shorts: Alessia Marcuzzi per Gaëlle Bonheur
Bikini: Niki B
Hat: Airoldi
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Flip-flops: Havaianas
Anklet: Formentera’s stand

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