Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Summer Tartan!


Ciao Pinelle!!!!!
So today let’s go back to talking about tartan, a colourful tartan especially for summer!!

By now you know that tartan is one of my must-haves of the past few seasons, I wore it loads this winter… checked shirts, long coats… basically every occasion was perfect to wear this beloved pattern and, I must admit, to dare a strange combination at times! 😀

Therefore today I want to show it to you again, but this time… in the summer version! When I saw this shirt from Equipment I couldn’t resist and I started to think about what I could wear with it. You can see what I chose here: a top and sporty shorts, both brightly coloured, from Topshop.
It’s a perfect outfit for a summer’s day or for a walk on the beach… bright colours and summer really make me happy (can you tell from the photos by any chance? hahahaha) and although it’s simple, I like this look and it really suits me!
A lovely pair of sandals and I’m ready to go!!!

What are the colours and looks that instantly mean summer to you?

X x x


Shirt: Equipment
Shorts and Top: Topshop

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