Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

A passion for straw hats!


Ciao Pinelle,

today I want to show you some selfies I took at home whilst packing my suitcase! I call this my grunge look… but I’m not sure that’s quite the right title… what do you guys think??

The star of the look is definitely the straw hat with coloured fabric insert! I had fun playing around with it all… and made a few silly faces in the process!! Ha ha ha ha
The salmon coloured top from TopShop is quite wide and easy to wear, it has lace embroidery and inserts which create movement, and it flares out from under the breast creating some fun “frills”! The denim shorts are not too short, and the coloured stitching is perfect for this look!!
To sum up, this is a super simple look… I know, but I think it’s fun and colourful, just the way I like it!

But the real question for today’s post is… do you like hats?? Do you wear them? Just on the beach, or to create that individual look too?
Tell me Pinelle!!!!

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