Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Sneakers for all!!


Today, besides my fun, sporty outfit, I’m going to show you lots of sneakers… so I can satisfy everyone’s tastes!!!

Lately, everyone is wearing sneakers more and more, even with skirts and little dresses, so why not go wild now that you’ve rooted out your summer wardrobe??
I’ve decided to show you 7 different pairs of shoes, perfect for this season and that go with everything… absolutely EVERYTHING!
The first are leopard print slip-ons by Vans, really comfortable, practical and perfect even with jeans. If you like this style, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice!
Then there are the legendary Superga, I picked two very different pairs: rock‘n’roll black ones with lots of studs, and more romantic ones in white fabric/lace… two complete opposites but still very on trend!
For more sporty types who still like a touch of glam, I chose black Converse with gold details. Then I couldn’t leave out the classic, ever so slightly “whacky” All Stars. High-top white ones with “gemstone” style appliqués and floral laces or black ones, still high-tops, in lace… a touch of romanticism with a gothic feel! Last pair, still All Star, but the low version, in cornflower blue perforated lace, a shade of colour that is just like classic denim!

Now, a bit about my outfit. My trousers are designed by none other than Rita Ora for Adidas Original. An explosion of colour, comic book style! I’m wearing them with a plain black tee from TopShop, and now I need to pick a pair of sneakers to match … which of these ones would you choose??
Kisses to all!!


T-shirt: TopShop
Trousers: Adidas by Rita Ora
Watch: Michael Kors



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  1. Hailey~FurnishMyWay

    I love the Converse high-tops with the floral laces! White is, of course, an all-time favorite of mine but this slight pop of color is great for the upcoming Summer season!

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