Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Travelling to Milan


Hello there Pinelle and Pinelli! How are you? This morning I’m on the train bound for Milan, a quick one-day trip for some work appointments.
So I figured it was the right day to show you this comfortable outfit, suitable for travelling, but at the same time feminine, simple and up-to-date.

Let’s begin with this short powder blue coat by Very Simple. It has a diamond pattern in beige shades with little touches of colour. The cut is slightly flared and the sleeves are three-quarter length… I told you, right? This is the time for short coats!! 😉 Underneath I wore a tee, in blue hues again but by Scout. For me, jeans are something I rarely forego, and these ones are classic style by Care Label, which you may have seen before in other posts! 😉 My brown boots by Isabel Marant are another must-have for this season, and I wear them rather a lot I admit ehehehhe! They are comfortable, perfect even if you have to walk a lot, and give that added touch of elegance to any outfit.
I’m told there’s a bit of fog this morning in Milan… but the sun is peeping out, so sunglasses are at hand! You never know!
To round off this look, here is “Mia”, my denim effect Marks&Angels bag which you can even wear on your shoulder!

What do you think? Has my outfit passed the test for my trip to Milan?
Hugs and kisses!!!


Top: Loft
Coat: Very Simple
Jeans: Care Label
Jewellery: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: LGR

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