Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

To Santa Claus, North Pole…


Good morning Pinelle!!!! There are only a few days until Christmas… and if, like me, you are always late, this post might come in handy for helping you to find the right ideas for your Special Kids!
Even if they do often tend to deliver a lovely long note full of their wishes, sometimes you may not only need to find their favourite toy, but also give their grandparents and aunts and uncles a few ideas too!!! So let’s write our own letter to Santa Claus! 🙂

The great classic gift, clothes! I’ve chosen a silver outfit by Simonetta, with a romantic feel thanks to the faux leather hearts on the dress and the ultra-trendy touch of the accessories: a little shoulder bag and some sneakers, again strictly silver!

When it comes to toys, we’ve chosen two excellent must-haves: the ever-popular Frozen with a microphone book that lets girls to sing along with Elsa and, for boys, the Disney Star Wars lightsaber or, also from the most famous saga of cinema, the figure of Rey, the star of the latest episode, together with the little robot BB-8.

And for kids who are no longer kids… and so round about the age of our very own giant Tommy, we’ve chosen a down jacket with a military print by Moncler so that if you’re also planning a trip up to the mountains, he can’t complain about the cold! ehehe

And what about the super-popular tablet?! We just had to include one and I’ve chosen the educational multimedia version by Sapientino. I mean, children are drawn to technology… so why not give them a gift that helps them to grow and stimulate their imagination?

And in this letter to Santa Claus, another two things we just couldn’t leave out were two gifts designed for a good cause. I’m talking about the Christmas Candle and the children’s colouring book, the proceeds of which help the Telethon foundation!

We’ve saved it to last, but we know only too well that this is one of the things that children ask their parents for the most often: a dog, or a pet. But whether it’s a dog, a cat or any other kind of animal, let’s ALWAYS remember that for us as parents they are a true commitment.
If we decide to give our children a gift like this, we must be well aware that this new member of the family is sure to be by our side for a long time and fill us with joy every single day. But it’s a choice you make for life!
So if you’re not ready to take that step, don’t do it! And instead, if you do decide on this special gift, remember that there are lots of dogs in dog homes that are just sitting waiting for a warm welcome in a home and from a family that will really take care of them!

What do you think? Have we helped you out a little, super mums?? 🙂





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