Good morning Pinelle,

Today I feel like I want to be comfortable, as in these pics… where you can see me with jeans, shirt and no shoes… my ideal look. As I always say, a change of shoes is enough to make the difference: décolleté are perfect for the night and sneakers for the day.

I decided to go for a simple and elegant look: a silk shirt by Falconeri that I combined with a pair of jeans and sneakers, and at one point, I just decided to take my shoes off.
A very special shirt, silk in the front and modal in the back and you just won’t believe how comfy it is when you wear it…I felt like I was hugged by a very special fabric, that mixes craftsmanship with natural fabrics. Pinelle are you ready for the weekend? Just relax…


Shirt: Falconeri
Denim: Dondup


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