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Gli shop di Alessia

A special day…


These pics I took on a terrace truly seem taken out of a movie. Do you remember the scene from “a special day” by Ettore Scola? When Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni are chasing each other on the terrace of a building in Rome among fresh sheets? Well, I felt a bit like her, Antonietta, the protagonist, in that romantic and dramatic scene. My tribute to an icon of style like Sophia Loren and to a great director like Ettore Scola, recently deceased. A sexy romantic look with an ancient pink skirt and a sexy touch given by Gianvito Rossi’s sandals. But everything became so funny with Mia trying to climb the stairs while I was trying to stop her… ???

1_giornata_particolare copia2_giornata_particolare copia3_giornata_particolare copia4_giornata_particolare5_giornata_particolare copia6_giornata_particolare copia7_giornata_particolare copia
8_giornata_particolare9_giornata_particolare10_giornata_particolare copia

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