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Gli shop di Alessia

Fringes: a never ending trend!



Always fashionable… and everytime there is something different. When we think about fringes we always imagine a tunic, like the one Pocahontas was wearing, or the metallic ones of the 70’s. On dresses, skirts, sleeveless jackets and bags too, a true classic that is always re-invented, a mixture of western and rock style. Pop and metallic fringes were also seen during this year New York and London Fashion Weeks… an explosion of colors and combinations…I love them especially on jackets and bags.


pics by © Elle e Eonline

As you know, I am a real bag addicted and I like to combine them with my outfits to give them a final, special touch. And fringe bags are a real mania… particularly my Marks&Angels Frange, I love combining them with my outfits, particularly when I need a casual and rock touch.


And you pinelle? What fringe dress are you 😉 ?

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