Gli shop di Alessia

Gli shop di Alessia

Cote d’Azur, a weekend of art and nature


costa azzurra - La Pinella

The best way to start the week? Thinking about the weekend ?

As you know pinelle, my passion for travelling grows everyday more, I want to discover places and share them and some tips on my app La Pinella City. Continuing our tour, today I bring you to Cote d’Azur. What a beautiful place!! Breathtaking landscapes and an enchanting blue sea. And picturesque villages on rocks… pearls set on the French Riviera!

Paolo and I were tourists, we walked in the city center and through fascinating places like Saint-Paul-de-Vence, and our eyes were filled with authentic beauties and nature!! Juan Les Pins Antibes… look Pinelli, it seems a Monet’s painting!


Not a coincidence that French impressionists took inspiration from these places…

And I was inspired too by the romantic and artistic atmosphere with this beautiful dress designed by my friend Alessandra Grillo for the brand 4giveness. Incredible…so light that I thought I was flying over hte blue sea…

Have a good week everyone!!!! ???


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