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Gli shop di Alessia

My trip to Mykonos, the magical island


Mikonos Cover

Mykonos is an island full of a magical energy, enchanting places, unique flavors and the famous Meltemi wind gives the island a more foolish and funny atmosphere!

The city center is famous for its alleys, full of boutiques and people walking around, but there is always a corner where you can be alone and enjoy the sight of the sea while drinking something in peace… and I find this terribly sexy!

My long weekend in Mykonos happened because I wanted to spend four romantic days, exploring this island full of colors and perfumes. Dear pinelle and pinelle, here’s some advices.

It is fundamental to rent a car: not only because the island is quite big and if you want to go around by taxi you’ll spend a fortune. Besides, it’s worthy to go around with your own car, to see alleys in the middle of nowhere, villages, and gorgeous landscapes! ?

Noi abbiamo dormito in un Resort meraviglioso che si distende su una baia molto riparata dal famoso vento. È un posto molto ricercato, elegante e pieno di charme, ma allo stesso tempo ideale per le famiglie perché offre ogni tipo di attività e servizio.

Is the Santa Marina Resort and the beach you can see is their private one… a dream! Here’s some pics for you



MikonosSanta Marina Hotel

Santa Marina Hotel

If you are looking for something more intimate, there are a lot of alternatives like  Casa Bianca, made of houses in a residence…or Harmony in the center of Mykonos, small, cozy and romantic 

Casa Bianca Resort

Let’s talk about beaches!! My favorites are:


Panormos - Mykonos

Agios Sostis Mikonos

If you go to Agios Sotis, have lunch at Kiki’s Tavern, a typical restaurant with a splendid view of the bay, the only flaw is that you might find a lot of people there…


I loved Fokos beach, nobody ever told me about it, but it is like landing on the moon, with an enchanting sea and just one place where you can eat, the restaurant Fokos. You can’t reserve a table, but they’re very quick to find you one…

Greek salad, broccoli with almonds and raisins… delicious!


If you go to swim at Agia Anna, another beautiful beach, stop by at Spilia, a restaurant on the sea… one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen… you eat with your feet in the water and they clean sea urchins in front of you!

Music and amazing service… a bit pricy but it’s worthy.




The ones I’ve told you about are free beaches, but if you are looking for something with some services, then the most exclusive ones are NammosScorpio and the Santa Marina beach too… relax and chill out are guaranteed!

Santa Marina HotelMikonos

Restaurants for the night:

I recommend Avrà, a magical place. A restaurant in the city center or Mykonos, in a garden full of flowers…very romantic!


If you are looking for a restaurant with a typical Greek cuisine but a bit modern too, then go for Bakalo, in the heart of the city.


Katrin is another charming restaurant, very elegant. It’s a bit pricy, but truly worthy… you eat incredibly well and it is in one of the cutest alley of the city.



In the Santa Marina you can find the Budda Bar. Perfect to have lunch or dinner, but I have to admit that during the evening is very fascinating…


Walking around the alleys, in between dances, Paolo and I felt in love with a bar-restaurant with a spectacular view, and it is called Kastros… after dinner, we always went there to have a drink!


Walk around the marvelous Little Venice, get lost in between table on the beach, go there at night and eat with the moonlight!

Little Venice

Let’s talk about shops: what to say, there are so many of them, in every corner, that you’ll never be able to see them all! I recommend the Panama hat shop, as soon as you arrive in the city center, so you won’t get sunburn and you’ll have a shelter against the wind. Tia for handmade sandals, Alchimist for branded clothes and Apriati for particular jewels. I went to Mykonos many years ago, in august, and the city changes so much with the seasons: now there are few people, no traffic and no waiting lines in the restaurants. Many beaches seem desert, very different from the peak summer season!

But there’s a lot to discover about this island, and the noises and music are fascinating too: Greek music in every alley and street, chaos in the bars, the wind blowing, the color of the sea, romantic and country roads.

It’s everything, nothing, life and peace, it’s braided love❤

I hope I was useful to you guys, if you want to go during the summer or for a long weekend like I did!

Kisses and enjoy Mykonos.

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