Selfies from #casamarcuzzi

Selfies from #casamarcuzzi

Hello Pinelle and Pinelli, how are you???
Are you all back to normality, or have some of you just set off on your holidays?? We are slowly getting back into the daily routine, getting ready for what will definitely be a busy September! 😀

But, between one thing and another, for one of my returns to Rome for production meetings for BB, I found 3 garments in my wardrobe which I’d forgotten to take to the sea, ones I really adore!

So I decided to make amends immediately, and before packing them in my case to go back to my family, I took some pictures of them. So, here I am with my classic selfies in front of the mirror! ahahha

They are two little dresses and a really nice, colourful blouse, all with one thing in common: they are by Paul and Joe Sisters. You might have seen one of these dresses before… Do you remember? I’ll refresh your memory ehehhe… click here! 😉

This brand’s distinctive characteristic is definitely the patterns, which instantly set them apart. The colours are intense; the blouse, which I wore with denim shorts, has three-quarter-length sleeves, with lots of blue, white and yellow designs. One of the dresses has the same pattern as the blouse, long sleeves and a drawstring waist. The other has a floral pattern in the same deep blue as the first one. Yes, I know the photos aren’t perfect, but I still liked the idea of sharing them with you!

Hugs and kisses!!!!



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